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                                           Tea Roses In The Garden


 Mrs. Dudley Cross

Tea Roses when grown in an appropriate climate, are remarkably vigorous and disease-resistant plants, unique among roses in many respects. Tea Rose canes are extremely slender, so that the flowers invariably face outward or downward.

Tea Rose foliage is glossy, dark green, and pointed, making for an especially airy and graceful bush. The buds of many Tea Roses are particularly elegant, with a long pointed shape that spirals open slowly from a high center. Flower colors are especially soft and subtle, often blending from one shade to another. Pink, apricot, yellow, and peach tones make lovely bouquets for the house or for weddings. No class of roses, ancient or modern, can rival the Teas for their profuse repeat bloom. Some seem to always be in bloom.

The Tea Rose fragrance is unique, reminding one of black tea leaves and that could be how the “Tea Rose” name came to be.  Most Tea Roses are hardy only to USDA Zone 7, though there are exceptions, particularly among the climbing varieties. Tea Roses some time are slow to start but with most watch out when they do start growing.

If you haven't tried growing some of the Teas try a few I know you will fall in love with them as I have. Click  here for more beautiful Teas.

Joyce Dillon



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