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     April is the month in springtime when we have our most beautiful blooms. The most important thing you need to do this month is just enjoy your beautiful roses. And be sure to share some with your friends and neighbors, especially those who are ill and those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

     Be sure to continue your spray program and fertilizing program. Spider mites have already shown up in my garden, and I suspect they are in yours also. If you have not already started, begin hosing down your bushes or water wand your bushes twice per week to wash off the mites hiding under the leaves. Nothing can weaken and even kill your bushes faster than spider mites when they are ignored. Use Avid if the mites are completely out of control. Apply twice about 5 days apart.

     April is also Rose Show time. Why not enter some of your best blooms in one of the shows held in the central Florida area during the month. It is a great experience whether or not you win an award or blue ribbon, and you get to enjoy the beautiful display of all types of roses. I mentioned the Central Florida Rose Society’s show at our last meeting. It is scheduled to be held on Saturday April 26, at Leu Gardens in Orlando. Call me for further details.

     Do not forget our in-house rose show at our next meeting. Bring your best hybrid tea, floribunda, mini, and any other type that looks like a winner. You did a good job last month, and brightened up our meeting with your beautiful roses.

     I found out who pulled the weeds in my garden recently. It was not a garden fairy after all. My next-door neighbor, David admitted to the hard work. Am I ever grateful to have thoughtful, caring neighbors like David.








page updated: Monday, August 04, 2003