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Fortuniana Rootstock

The super rootstock for Florida:

What is Fortuniana rootstock?
If you want to grow good roses in Florida you need to buy your roses grafted on this rootstock.

Fortuniana adapts well to Florida and extracts nutrients from a wide variety of soils.

Because of its vigor roses grown on fortuniana seem to be resistant to nematodes.

Nematodes are microscopic worms which live in the soil in Florida. Because we do not have a long

period of cold weather they are always present.

Bushes grafted on fortuniana will usually be larger with larger blooms Several tips for growing roses on fortuniana rootstock:

1. The massive root system lies close to the soil's surface and may be damaged by cultivating of foot traffic.

2. Select your site carefully as moving will cause a setback to the bush.

3. Because of its rapid growth more nitrogen fertilizer is needed by the bush and they need to be fed all year.

4. Prune lightly leaving 36" of cane. Young bushes should only have dead stock removed.

5. Be patient since fortunians bushes need approximately 2 years before their full potential can be enjoyed.


page updated: Saturday, September 14, 2002