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March Rose of The Month


Poulsen's Pearl

This pale pink beauty will catch your eye because of its clarity, crispness and mass of bloom. The pale pink five petal flowers bloom in large sprays. This rose is disease resistant and does great in Florida. The Poulsen family introduced this rose in 1949.





The Winter Haven Rose Society
We are a non-profit Society, devoted to sharing
 knowledge about roses, rose culture, and the
 pleasure of rose gardening.

      August Rose of The Month
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Cluster-flowered, Floribunda totally covers itself in beautiful 
pink flowers. Good disease resistance and a fast repeater.

This rose was developed as part of a partnership arrangement
 between the United Farm Workers and Jackson & Perkins. 
Part of the sales of this rose will go to the Hispanic College Fund.

page updated: Friday, August 16, 2002