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May In The Rose Garden


Can it really be May already! Hot weather is just around the corner. In fact w have had a little of it already. That means we need to be sure our roses are getting plenty of water, especially if we are growing some, or all of our roses in pots.

  I suggest you water your container grown bushes every day, as I do, at least through September, also your bushes will appreciate overhead sprinkling or regular hosing during the hot weather. This will also help control the spider mites, which proliferate during the hot weather months.

  I recommend you continue to fertilize on a regular basis at least once per month-but cut the amount to about Ĺ the usual amount. Organics are always in order, and this is a good time to feed some espson salts or Sul-po-mag to stimulate basal breaks.

  On a need basis, continue to spray for aphids and thrips. I am now using Cygon, since Orthene is no longer available. If you see any scale insects, primarily on the stems, use Volk oil to knock them out. If you have not already talked with Ed Audley about the destruction scales can cause, ask him about his experience.

  Of course, black spot will be even more of a problem during the hot, humid summer. Do not let up on your spray program. Once a week is still the best frequency.

  If there are some new varieties you want to add to your garden, it is not to late to plant container grown bushes. Again be sure you keep the new bushes watered as they settle into your garden soil or the larger containers you plant them in.

Some of the newer minis I am enjoying are: Soroptimist International (dark pink and white) Hilde (pink and white) Sam Trivitt (light yellow to apricot) Autumn Splendor (red, pink and yellow) Ruby (red), and Merlot (red and white).

  I hope you will be able to participate in our Mothers Day Rose Sale on Saturday May 10, 2003 including contributing some blooms. I am afraid my second cycle of bloom will not quite be ready by then.

  Please continue to bring your best hybrid tea, floribunda, and mini and any other type of rose you have in bloom to our in-house rose show at our next regular meeting. You have been bringing some very nice blooms for the past few months. Keep up the good work.

  Happy Rose Gardening,

Ed Gracia


Home Depot Seminar


The seminar at home depot the first Saturday in May was very successful. There was a good turn out to hear Edís talk on the basics of growing good roses. Many questions were asked and there were a lot of prizes given away by the Orthene rep and Home Depot.

Keith Acuff the Orthene rep shares his knowledge and his products. He also seems to be learning a lot about growing good roses.

Thanks to Ed Gracia and the other members who came to help and support this seminar. 


page updated: Monday, August 04, 2003