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Rose of The Month
 Brilliant Pink Iceberg


I think that ‘Iceberg’ is one the best garden roses that I grow. It produces clusters of white, fragrant blooms for most of the year, and its disease resistance is very good. Although we call it ‘Iceberg’ in the US, it has different names in other parts of the world. In France it is known as ‘Snow Fairy’ and in Germany it’s known as ‘Snow White’. 

The good news is that ‘sports’, or mutations of ‘Iceberg’ have been discovered in Tasmania. The original sport was ‘Blushing Pink Iceberg’, which has white flowers blushed with a very delicate pale pink, giving them a hand painted look. This soft pink cultivar produced another sport – a dark pink rose known as ‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’
I have a Brilliant Pink Iceberg tree rose it is never out of bloom, such a beauty, sometimes there will be all 3 icebergs blooms at the same time. But I have yet to see ‘Burgundy Iceberg’ If you like dark colored roses there is a new ‘Iceberg’ rose available with deep, velvet burgundy flowers. ‘Burgundy Iceberg’ is a sport of ‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’. Like all the other iceberg roses, ‘Burgundy Iceberg’ is described having a free flowering habit, clusters of fragrant flowers and very good disease resistance. At this time it is only available in Australia, but should be available in the US next year.






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